Thursday, June 20, 2013

Help Making Charts

Just wanted to share a great site that I have found for teachers and parents that need visual aids (picture charts, social stories, "First,Then" charts, picture boards, picture schedules, etc.). For your PC they offer a program called DO2LEARN and soon they have an app coming out with the same type of prinicple. Check them out

In the pictures you will see the bedtime routine that I made for my daughter. When she is done with one task she puts the card in the envelope at the bottom of the chart.  This way if she "forgets" what to do next I can direct her back to the chart. The chart is the boss - not mommy.  The chart says, next you must put your clothes in the hamper.  This takes the tension of mom (or dad) being bossy, while at the same time keeping her on task.  If she doesn't do her tasks - then she looses "song." (Meaning that I will rub her back but will not sing to her.) To her this is enough of a motivator (most nights).  I encourage everyone to use your child's interests as part of your discipline routine.  If you do "good listening," I will give you a sticker.  If you get 5 stickers, I will give you a match box car or a princess necklace (or whatever it is may interest them.)  Negative reinforcement should be tried last.  Such as if I count to 5 and you don't put your dirty clothes in the hamper then you will not get to watch 5 minutes or 15 minutes of your favorite show or play your favorite game.  Find what works for you and your child.

Below are some images of the bedtime chart I made for my 5 year old daughter. I bought a cheap $1.00 Class Schedule at Target, then printed off pictures that were relevant to our routine.
Pick up toys
Take off clothes
Put pajamas on
Put dirty clothes in hamper
Go potty
Brush teeth
Pick out a story
Get in bed
Wait quietly in bed
Read a story
Sing song
                                                             1. Type in search words (ie. bedtime, pajamas, hamper)
                                                             2. Print out images
                                                             3. Laminate the printed piece of paper
                                                             4. Then cut out each image
                                                             5. Cut half-one inch strips of velcro
                                                             6. Place velcro on the images and then on the chart
                                                             7. Staple an envelope to put the images in when the task
                                                                 is complete.

If you don't get lucky and find one of these charts then use a piece of construction paper and a sheet protector.

Buy a roll of velcro at a craft store or walmart. Cut into 1/2 inch to 1 inch strips. Stick one side to an image and the other side to the laminated chart.

Some additional advice-
Make sure that when you are buying velcro that you aren't buying the pre-cut shapes above because they need to be sewn and have no sticky backing.
If you use a piece of construction paper and sheet protector, I recommend taping it shut to increase its durability.

New Blog

I have started a new blog that is entirely related to autism.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Handouts for Milestones and Developmental Delays

Milestone Handouts


Sensory handouts

Spotting Signs of Autism

The CDC says, "If you're concerned - act early."  However, most people don't know when to be concerned. I am very excited to be speaking at the Southington Library in Southington, CT tonight at 6:30pm. The talk will go from 6:30-7:30pm and I will be answering autism related questions and selling my co-authored book Emotional Mastery for Adults with Asperger's after the Q&A. If you plan on going please pre-register. All attendees will get a code for a free issue of Autism Parenting Magazine.
To register for this program on-line go to, click on Calendar or contact the Reference Department at 860-628-0947 x5.
Hope to see you there!