Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Brain-Drain

Did you know that students loose up to 60% of the knowledge they learned in the previous school year over the few months of summer break?  Most of T.L.R.'s language tutors will tell you that the saying, "If you don't use it, you loose it," is very true.  I've always thought of the brain as a muscle because if you don't use it and train it and feed it well then it will not perform at it's best just like any other muscle in the body.  You wouldn't expect a cyclist to hop on a bike after a three month break and win a race, so why should we expect students to not "train" their brains for the summer break and come back to school ready to pass standardized tests.
Tutoring over the summer is beneficial to both teachers and students.   For teachers, it helps them stay current with the topics they are teaching and perhaps even try new techniques or games to improve their classroom teaching methods.  For students, it helps them maintain what they have learned and build on those key concepts so they start the next year off stronger.
T.L.R. will be featuring a $5 off coupon in the Hartford Courant on May 25, 27, and 31st to the Hartford County.  You just might want to cut it out and book a tutor or homework helper to avoid the summer brain-drain.

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